New iOS/Android Word Video Puzzle Game App Released!

Kerofrog has today officially released "4 Vids 1 Word", a new word puzzle game that takes a uniquely different approach on the picture puzzle word game genre. Instead of guessing a word, based on pictures, players instead watch short video clips. "The cool thing about '4 Vids 1 Word' is that it adds an extra 'movement' dimension to the puzzles, which can't be achieved with just static pictures," says Cliff Viegas, CEO of Kerofrog, who adds it uses high quality videos instead of the traditional pictures other word games use. "Anyone who enjoys word games and online videos will love 4 Vids 1 Word. Players can exercise their minds and enjoy engaging videos at the same time. Also, being a familiar theme with a simple twist, there is no learning curve," says Cliff. '4 Vids 1 Word' is a simple game, where the user has to guess the related word. "We'll show you, for example, four different short video clips. You just need to find the related word," explains Cliff, head of the husband and wife team that runs and operates Kerofrog. The puzzles, ranging from easy to hard, provides great mental challenges for the users. They start out easy, but become 'trickier' as you progress along. While promising users instant fun, the '4 Vids 1 Word' game is very easy to learn. "Users have nothing to learn, and the game is very quick to pick up. Just jump straight in and have fun," says Cliff. The game, which installs easily on iOS + Android platforms, can be freely download at either of the following sites: & "Interestingly, there's also a social Facebook sharing aspect to the game where users can ask for help from their Facebook friends to solve a puzzle," notes Cliff. He believes '4 Vids 1 Word' offers an awesome way to exercise people to exercise their mind, while passing the time, especially if you are sitting on a bus, waiting for a connecting flight at the airport, or just waiting for something. For further information about the new '4 Vids 1 Word game, please contact: Cliff Viegas, CEO,, or visit their websites at &