New Multivitamins Made Exclusively for Men Released!

Boulder, Colorado’s leading health supplements company Julanamar has today officially launched Elite Man Multivitamins, a new multivitamin contain some 33 essential vitamins and minerals, including eight custom blends specially focused to promote men’s health. Elite Man Multivitamins is now exclusively available on “Elite Man can give you an extra boost in protecting your body from cellular damage while supplementing your existing diet,” says David Harrison, Director of Marketing, Julanamar LLC. “Elite Man Multivitamins, which has eight custom proprietary blends that give you added benefits not found in ‘average’ multivitamins, is formulated to meet specific dietary needs of men,” adds Harrison, who believes that a perfect world, every man would eat a healthy, balanced diet and would get most of the nutrients he needs without relying on supplements. “However, in our always-on-the-go, fast-food world it’s virtually impossible to eat the tight amount of every vitamin and mineral to keep a man’s body in optimal physical health.  Even if you could get most of the recommended nutrients from your diet, most experts agree that there’s always room for improvement, and of course, that’s where Elite Man comes in to the picture as a great equalizer,” explains Harrison. With the proliferation of cancer, heart disease and other debilitating illness, Harrison believes preventive measures are today more essential than ever. “Toxins are ever-present in our drinking water, the air, and even in our food as residual pesticides, and multivitamins like Elite Man, plays an important role in helping people maintain better health and wellness,” says Harrison, who doesn’t believe . Noting that men’s health is not a one-size-fits-all marketplace, Harrison says he believes most generic formulas that are marketed to men are not necessarily addressing the unique health needs of men, whose health differs substantially from women. “For example, men don’t need as much iron as childbearing women, and mineral needs may be far greater for active men,” notes Harrison, who adds that it was in this light that Vitamin Elite was born. Having created a blend of multivitamins specific to a man’s needs, Harrison says Elite Man is designed to take care of man’s needs, which is to make him healthier and stronger in life, whether he is physically active or not. “Therefore, our sole priority is providing our customers with a high-quality product that will truly improve one’s overall well-being,” says Harrison, who assures every Vitamin Elite formula is sourced and manufactured in the U.S. and is made from the highest quality ingredients. For further information, please contact: David Harrison, Director of Marketing, (720) 204-8551,, or visit the website: