“The C.C. Cowan Show” Hailed As The Fastest Growing Talk-Radio Show On The Internet!

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The C.C. Cowan Show,” which has taken to the airwaves like a mighty rushing wind, has been positively affecting the lives of its listeners in a thought-provoking and entertaining way. Fans are calling it “a radio talk show with a television flair.”

“What else can you expect when the host of the show is none other than the ever popular award-winning author, actor, and producer, C.C. Cowan himself,” says enthusiastically the show’s spokesperson, Samantha Smiley.

Samantha has also added that even though it is early days yet, “The C.C. Cowan Show”, debuted September 4th, 2013 on the Dallas, Texas-based Icebreaker Radio Network, and has received great reviews from listeners.

According to Samantha, the new talk-radio show, which has an incredible line-up of off-the-shelf programs, was set up to bridge the gap between the new generation of entertainment seekers and celebrities, thus seamlessly bringing together past, present and future artists with the audience they desire.

To this end, the show boasts a number of highly-anticipated interviews with artists like, Grammy-nominated songbird, Miki Howard, Grammy & Soul-Train Award nominee, Kenny Lattimore, hip-hop Legend, DJ Ron G, 80s R&B sensation Princess and many more who will be prominently featured in the coming months.

“We are inviting listeners to tune-in to the feature presentation with the original R&B Diva, Miki Howard. The show is scheduled to air live on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 between 6 p.m. EST and 8 p.m. EST and promises to be a revealing and entertaining presentation,” says Samantha.

Chicago-born songstress Miki Howard, who rose to fame in the last 80s and best known for her chart-topping hits, “Imagination”, “Baby Be Mine,” and the unforgettable female anthem, “Love Under New Management” is being billed as a rare treat for the show’s listeners.

As an informative, but entertaining talk-radio show created for grown and intellectual savvy listeners, “The C.C. Cowan Show” promises to always serve-up weekly music and movie reviews, plus a series of live interviews with music icons and celebrity figures from stage, film, and television.

“A key feature of The C.C. Cowan Show” is the fact that listeners will be allowed to call in and ask questions of their favorite artists, plus have a chance to win tickets to concerts, and lots of other interesting giveaways,” notes Samantha.

According to Samantha, “The C.C. Cowan Show is like a breath of fresh air”, in a medium plagued with hip–hop and celebrity gossip shows.

“The C.C. Cowan Show is a place where veteran and current chart-topping artists are recognized for their contributions to American music. Listeners can tune in and hear all of their favorite songs from the artists they love along with exclusive live celebrity interviews with some of the industry’s most celebrated R&B, Pop, Rock, Soul, and Hip-Hop icons,” adds Samantha.

C.C. Cowan is the founder of The Hip Hop Head Foundation, CEO of Billionaire Entertainment Group, and President of Lion’s Head Films and today is the host of the fastest growing talk-radio show on the internet, “The C.C. Cowan Show.” The show debuted on ICEBREAKER RADIO in Dallas, Texas on September 4, 2013.  Cowan (Aka “The Talk of New York”) is a native of New York City. He was born and raised in Brooklyn New York and is the author of more than dozen novels, a six-book children’s mystery series, and has written and directed stage productions from Lincoln Center to The Beacon Theatre. Some of which include, “Too Big for Broadway” a theatre production written and Produced by Cowan in 2006. The cast included the Dance legend Martha Wash (Two Tons of Fun, Weather Girls, Black Box) Sarah Dash (from the Legendary girl group, Labelle) and Judy Peterson (from the Tyler Perry Plays). Cowan is currently in talks to bring this production and others to the big screen. He is dedicated to producing fresh, innovative and inspiring works from new and iconic artists.  Like the productions, “The C.C. Cowan Show” sets a special focus on showcasing positive images from the African-American community.

For further information, please contact: Samantha Smiley, Public Relations, 212-465-3199, pr4thecccowanshow@gmail.com, or visit the site: www.thecccowanshow.com.