New Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Official Launch, Oct. 15!

A new leather cleaner and conditioner that’s best for purses, handbags, sofas, couches, jackets, boots, gloves, shoes, saddles and tack, car seats, motorcycles, all auto needs , all furniture, will official launched October 15, 2013, but is today exclusively available at “It’s designed to protect your investment, and we guarantee you’ll Love it,” says Lisa Graham, owner of the site, and product of the same name, Premium Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. “We are excited to bring this quality Made in America product to Amazon, as we take pride in helping people protect their leather investment.” The 8oz bottle of Premium Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, aim is to make leather lasts longer and looks better than any other material, once due care is taken. “If you are guilt of not giving your leather the care it needs, we can help you to take care of your investment through the use of Premium Leather Cleaner and Conditioner,” says Lisa, who adds that regular cleaning and conditioning gives leather the proper nutrients it needs to remain subtle. Not only does Premium Leather Cleaner and Conditioner protects leather products against sun damage when used on a regular basis, but it also goes deeper in to prevent damage usually caused from dirt and soil. “Premium Leather Cleaner and Conditioner is the only product you need for your leather,” assures Lisa, thus pointing to long lasting benefits the “made in the USA” product provides users. Namely, it…
  • Cleans and Conditions
  • Easy to Use
  • Can also be used on Vinyls
  • Can be buffed to a soft luster
  • Retards water spotting
  • Can remove most blue and black ink marks
  • Contains no solvents or harsh chemicals
“Additional benefits of this leather cleaning product includes conditioning, softening, resistance to soiling, protection against the Sun, and retardation of waterspotting,” notes Lisa. Most importantly, the product’s spokesperson says Premium Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is best for such items as purses, handbags, sofas, couches, jackets, boots, gloves, shoes, saddles and tack, car seats, motorcycles, all auto needs, and all furniture. As an all-in-one care product for leather and vinyl, the new Premium Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, which is free of solvents or harsh chemicals, is aimed at men and women who purchase mid to high end leather products and want the products to be around for years to come. “These are persons who know leather costs more, and therefore, are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their investments, and our new Premium Leather Cleaner & Conditioner guarantees their leather and vinyl products will last a life time,” notes Lisa. As a cleaner and conditioner in one that saves busy people and wealthy people time and money, the new Premium Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, is reportedly easy to use, and “really works well to clean my leather couch,” says one satisfied customer, Meng. “Over time, I didn't really notice the changing color of my leather couch from being sat on and slept on. When I noticed the leather cracking in some areas, I got this ‘leather cleaner and conditioner’.  My goal was to condition the leather to give it some moisture to keep it from further cracking, but when I saw how the dirt was lifting off as I wiped with a lint free microfiber cloth, I got excited and cleaned my whole couch. Now my leather couch looks new again. This product is amazing,” testifies Meng. Another reviewer, Dane, also rates the product as a “Great cleaner and protection against moisture and cracking.” According to Dane, “When I was looking at leather cleaners and conditioners, this one (Premium Leather Cleaner and Conditioner) caught my eye. This is the first time I've used it, but it was a good choice. When I golf, I almost always walk the course, and my leather golf shoes take a real beating, especially when the course is damp, which is often the case in Oregon. Premium Leather Cleaner and Conditioner softened my shoes right up. They look great and continue to resist moisture.” For further information, please contact: Lisa Graham, owner, 540-307-0169,, or visit the website: