Classic Cup Café Launches New “Pace, Poise & Poetry” Event To Menu!

Classic Cup Café, a leading Dallas Sandwich Restaurant, has today announced the new "Peace Poise and Poetry" event will be held at its in Lancaster, Texas location, 133 Historical Town Square. According to Chef Tonne, President of Classic Cup Café, the October 5, 2013 event will be composed of poetry readings, spoken word poetry, and open microphone poetry, starting  at 7pm and ends 10pm. “It is something that we hope will bring a lot of fun and relaxation to our weekend fare good and healthy food,” says Chef Tonne, a man who is inspired by the everyday family cooking that he grew up with. Classic Cup Café, a place where patrons usually feel at home while savoring a great meal in its casual and relaxed dining room, offers an experience of inventive cuisine, attentive service, and a friendly atmosphere that cannot be duplicated. The audience Chef Tonne is expecting to turn out for the Peace Poise and Poetry” event will provide an occasion where they will see what makes Classic Cup Café one of the most popular restaurants in town. Chef Tonne is also hoping the audience will enjoy being around other people who like similar things that they like or are in to. Besides, he’s feels the event will give the audience a chance to meet people from around the DFW metroplex. ABOUT THE CLASSIC CUP CAFÉ The Classic Cup Café is a leading Dallas Sandwich Restaurant that specializes in serving up healthy food alternatives to the traditional comfort foods. They use sweet potato wedges instead of fries, and their breads are baked with little sodium, but is very high in Omega-3. Classic Cup Café also offers their in-house chicken sausage for breakfast with a vegetarian casing, for lunch try their ground chicken burger fresh from central Texas. Their free range birds have no antibiotics or hormones and are grain fed with locally grown organic feed. For further information, about the “Peace Poise and Poetry” event, please contact: Chef Tonne, President, Classic Cup Café, 133 Historical Town Square, Lancaster, TX, 75146, USA 972-218-9321 or 214 730-3233,