New Virtual Desk Manager App Makes Life Less Stressful For Auto Dealers!

Virtual Desk Manager released a new free business application that allows salespeople to calculate their customers’ income using their year to date pay stub. The app is called Gross Monthly Income Calculator. They have created a formula that makes it very simple to correctly calculate their income. This will cut funding delays and returned contracts, with every prime and subprime lender.

Ja’Vaughn Spencer, Owner and Founder of Virtual Desk Manager, says the application is simply a tool that prevents salespeople from making unnecessary and costly mistakes, thus empowering them to use the correct information while acquiring loans for their customers.

The Gross Monthly Income Calculator app, designed for the Android and Apple platforms, can be used by a wide cross-section of industry professionals, namely car dealers and managers, sales professionals, mortgage brokers and originators.

“If you give ten salespeople one check stub and ask them to calculate the monthly income before taxes, you will get ten different answers. In the car business, financing is arranged on site and income errors will make deals unravel and will cost the salespeople time, energy and money. Not to mention lost sales,” says Spencer.

“However, the introduction of the Gross Monthly Income Calculator app, gives users the ability to calculate income before taxes without having any math skills,” adds Spencer, an expert in subprime auto financing.

Living by their company’s motto, “Let Us Do The Dirty Work”, the Virtual Desk Manager spokesperson says their goal is to give every dealership the tools necessary to make the sales process simple and easy.
“Virtual Desk Manager is the only source in the auto industry that will desk your deals, work the underwriters and give you more options for your customers. With 3 more tools being released before January, Virtual Desk Manager is here to help everyone,” assures Spencer.

For further information about the Virtual Desk Manager app, please contact: Ja’Vaughn Spencer, Owner, Founder, CEO, 843.597.9242,, or visit their website at

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