Office Politics Ninja Helps Companies and Employees Get Beyond Backstabbing, Complaining and Irresponsibility

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Expose the Root of Cultural Problems So You Can Concentrate on Growing Your Business and Career!

PHOENIX, Ariz., September 17, 2013.  Colleges don’t teach it.  Companies rarely acknowledge its existence.  Employees usually whisper about it when nobody is looking.  Yet, office politics slowly erode the progress of both large organizations and small businesses.  Do these behaviors hurt the bottom line?  You bet, yet companies rarely address office politics.  The solution: business consultant, author, radio host, and speaker, “aka the Office Politics Ninja,” and his 25+ years of work experience maneuvering dangerous office politics.

“There are some companies that have a reputation of being cut-throat, and because of that reputation, they’ll rarely recruit or retain top talent,” says Brandon Moser, the Office Politics Ninja.  “Those cultures rarely produce great things because the employees are spending their time watching their backs instead of spending their energy on growing the organization.  Some cultures allow employees to create the perception of growth and progress instead of real progress.  Companies who don’t address office politics are like people who don’t go to the doctor to get their yearly checkup.  Just because they ignore a sickness, it doesn’t mean it’s not there, and it doesn’t mean it’s not going to kill them.”

Moser has developed a large social media following, almost 8,000 Facebook fans and 6,500 Twitter followers, in a short amount of time.  His podcast, Ninja Pod Radio, has a large following and is often ranked No. 1 in the “News and Noteworthy” section of iTunes.  Moser addresses common workplace issues in a realistic, proven and fun way.  Brandon is commonly hired by organizations that want to reduce political-driven decisions in the workplace.  “My clients are usually progressive organizations who are serious about instilling a positive organizational culture and understand how it affects their overall success,” says Moser.

Moser is exceptionally passionate about how his teachings should be used.  “Like any martial art, your skills can be used as self-defense or used as an offensive weapon.  I don’t equip office jerks with new and more dangerous skills.  I teach workplace self-defense, and how to identify and dodge dangerous political attacks that often cost companies great employees as well as cost these employees their professional reputations.”

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