CRMLobby Launches New Client Management & Invoicing System for Small Businesses!

There is a new wind blowing, and it seems to be blowing thousands of lawyers, freelancers, contractors, consultants, agents, and small company owners toward trusting CRMLobby with their day-to-day client management and online invoicing operations. The force behind this whirlwind is co-founder Paul Nate, who, when asked what was the driving-force behind their new web-based client management and online invoicing solution for small businesses, says it was due to their “innovation and awareness to the needs of our clients.” The CMR system is great at identifying the tasks that need immediate attention. Among such needs are unprocessed invoices, upcoming projects, administrative errands, file uploads, and more. According to Nate, the program also allows users to micromanage and prioritizes all important and menial tasks. “The program’s analytical charts, graphs, and calendar, for example, are designed to inform and alert the user to pertinent data that leads to making important business decisions,” says Nate, who believes that by having all the imperative business functions visible in a central area, the system gives the user the freedom to tackle other challenges. “Over time, it will become your command and control station,” notes Nate, who adds that the program’s mobility allows for customization. The site, recently launched, was designed specifically for small business operators – from solo-entrepreneurs to small business operations – like plumbers, electricians, cleaning services, roof cleaners, lawyers, doctors, dentists, florists, consultants, and any other small business that provide service to clients. The chief benefits of the new CRMLobby client management and invoicing program  is to help small business owners keep things organized and have better control over their companies’ management and invoicing functions. “Once you start using our CRMLobby web-based tool, you’ll feel better about your company using our system,” says Nate, who is happy to provide a solution that will get small businesses “organized.” “You’ll also feel a sense of satisfaction and relief that you are running a well-organized and managed company. CRMLobby will help you (small business owners) track all clients’ information and bids, invoices and reminders. Plus our system will help you automate your marketing functions,” adds Nate. As a small Portland-based company, staffed with enthusiastic, self-motivated, and knowledgeable individuals, CRMLobby prides itself in offering its expertise on what it takes to run a small business effectively. “As a company,” says Nate, “we have made it our business to continually educate ourselves with the newest innovations, to bring the greatest success to our clients.” Nate adds that with small businesses taking on the awesome responsibility of driving the economy by being the number-one provider of jobs for over half of the nation’s private workforce, CRMLobby has come to have an undying faith in seeing small business operators succeed at all cost, and their use of the CRM program is just one step in that direction. However, after having analyzed the issues causing small businesses to fail, Nate says it was the unfortunate results that confronted them that eventually forced them to developing a game-changing solution. “After numerous hours spent in research, we eventually came up with a new CRM system that dramatically improves small business operation,” says Nate. No matter what is at stake, whether it’s wasted time, money being lost to consultants or contracts lost due to omissions, Nate says their CRM system was designed to addresses all such management problems or issues. The bottom line is, according to Nate, is that small business owners will no longer have to grope in the dark for solutions needed to help them solve their management issues. “We are here for you; better yet, we are determined to help all small business operators achieve their management goals and objectives. Most of all, we’re totally convinced our new CRM program will help its users accomplished far more than they could ever hope for in a management and invoicing system,” notes Nate. For further information about the CRMLobby management and invoicing system, please visit the following website: MEDIA CONTACT: Paul Nate,Co-Founder CRMLobby, 9123 SE St Helens' St. Suite 275, Clackamas, OR 97015, USA Phone: 360-610-7743 Email: