Permaculture Expert Paul Wheaton Announces October Workshop Series on Rocket Mass Heater & Butchering

Montana’s Permaculture expert Paul Wheaton has announced he’ll be hosting a series of workshops in October 2013 on Rocket Mass Heaters and Homesteader  Butchering. One will feature both the pea gravel-style and cob style of rocket mass heaters, and other will focus on teach traditional slaughter, scalding, scraping, and eviscerating methods of butchering. According to spokesperson Rebecca Holman, the trainers who will be leading the Rocket Heater workshops, Ernie and Erica Wisner are the leading experts in that field. The Butchering workshops will be run by popular Butcher shop trainer from  Farmstead Meatsmith Brandon Sheard of The first of the two rocket mass heater workshops starts October 18 and runs through to October 20. Its focus will on the pea gravel style of rocket mass heaters. The second is set for October 25 through to October 27, and will concentrate on a cob style of rocket mass heater. “Rocket Heaters offer a way to use much less wood to heat your home then traditional methods. Rocket Mass Heaters are becoming a popular alternative for sustainable home owners,” says Paul Wheaton. There is quite a bit of information to be found about this topic and those looking for a hands on opportunity can find booking information and further details of these workshops available at : The Homesteader's Farmstead Meatsmith  workshop series will take place October 21-24:
  • October 21- Pig Slaughter
  • October 22 - Pork Butchery
  • October 23 - Pork Preservation
  • October 24 - Peasant Pork Cookery
At the end of these slaughter, butchery and preservation workshops, participants  will have a cooking exercise that draws on the depth of peasant culinary practice to not only eat the whole pig, but to make it indisputably delicious. Further details of this Farmstead Meatsmith butchering workshops are available at following link: Paul Wheaton, is a well-known and respected expert in Permaculture who is offering the above courses as a continuing educational opportunity for people that want to expand their Permaculture and Urban Farming knowledge. Noting the workshops has particular appeal to Permaculture enthusiasts, urban farmers, folks that are seeking a sustainable lifestyle and homesteaders, Paul says these series of workshops will provide hands-on training from top industry professionals. There will also be opportunities for personalized one-on-one Q&A with the presenters. Further information about Paul Wheaton is available via the following social media networks: CONTACT: Rebecca Holman, Media Consultant, 406-552-2992,