5 Ways to Nurture Relationships with Your Best Social Followers

Your brand advocates on social media are invaluable when it comes to spreading positive digital word of mouth. More than ever, prospective customers search  social before making a purchase decision to find what people are saying about your business.

How can you nurture relationships with your brand advocates in order to encourage continued positive engagement?
1. Listen to feedback: What are your best social followers saying about your brand – positive, negative and everything in between? Take this valuable insight into consideration and show your fans that you hear what they’re saying. When people know you’re listening, they’ll be more likely to talk.
2. Respond in a meaningful way:  When fans engage with your social content, you should be prepared to continue the conversation. Canned responses like “Thanks for the RT” do nothing to further the conversation. Real and authentic responses keep the conversation going and allow you to glean valuable insight from your business’ biggest fans. 
3. Recognize loyalty: Feature your super fans in a blog post or call them out on your social channels. You might even consider giving them access to new products and services before they are available to the general public. These types of activities not only reward brand loyalty but also generate buzz. 
4. Involve fans in your business process: Thinking of introducing a new product or service? Invite your most engaged followers to beta test your idea and provide their feedback. This not only helps you bring a better offering to the marketplace, but also gives your best customers a sense of brand ownership. 
5. Reward referrals: Referrals can be a powerful tool in new business development, so encourage brand advocates to spread the good word about your business by offering them incentives to do so, such as discounts or other perks. 
 With the deluge of online information available at a user’s fingertips, what people say about your brand on social media becomes an increasingly important means of differentiating  your business from the competition.

Taking the time to cultivate your core base of loyal social followers can have a lasting positive impact on your business, playing an important role in everything from spreading brand awareness to generating new business.