O.Y.S (Overcome Your Shackles) Film Project Seeks Kickstart Funds!

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O.Y.S (Overcome Your Shackles), an inspirational Christian film, is in the works and its creators have today made an impassionate appeal for funding to help them get the project off the ground.

An a low budget indie SAG feature film, O.Y.S. portrays the parallel yet interweaves troubled stories of a group of people whose path unexpectedly collided.

“Be our HERO by being the first person to support this project,” says Godwin E. Enogieru, head of Inspirational Films, LLC. 

Just like the GERMAN’s say’s: “aller Anfang ist schwer”, meaning: “Every beginning is difficult”, and so the O.Y.S. creators are inviting persons to help them “Kickstart” this very auspicious campaign.

“We are currently seeking donation and sponsorship for the production and completion of this dramatic, but inspirational Christian motion picture, property entitled O.Y.S (Overcome Your Shackles),” appeals Godwin.

Set in the urban hustle of Dallas, Texas, The O.Y.S film dramatizes troubled encounters of a group of people whose path unexpectedly collided and consequently altered the course of their lives forever.

The O.Y.S film skillfully woven tapestry portraying the life of curious mix of characters, Among them are an over-stressed, but honest father working overtime as a freight truck driver and his despondent wife with a taste for luxury and other men, and a spiritually embittered gospel singer trying to come to terms with her fallout from grace, a fatally injured successful born architect distraught by a recent divorce, an atheist and high profile attorney whose job is defending drug traffickers, a murderous thief who has an epiphany in jail, and a well regarded preacher head of his own ministry.

The O.Y.S narrative, according to Godwin, underlines the maladies and ambitions of the human condition.

“This emotional drama is presented in a bold cinematic language utilizing a compelling down-to-earth storyline with universal appeal about the daily events that shape their lives,” says Godwin, who believes O.Y.S brings to the audience an honest perspective for compassion and justice.

“Our storyline is sprinkled with action, anticipation and shrewdness therefore creating the perfect condition for redemption and forgiveness,” the film’s spokesperson adds.

Even though O.Y.S (Overcome Your Shackles) delivers quality entertainment and high production values, Godwin says it offers, most importantly, a motivational message revisiting the inherent human potential for doing the right thing.

For further information at O.Y.S film production and time table, please visit the following website: