Online Marketing Industry Gets A Reality Check!

Anna Linnehan of Newburyport, MA, (, today announced that she along with some of her online marketing colleagues, recently got a “reality check” in Phuket, Thailand by filming A Reality Show! Mrs. Linnehan was one of eight cast members chosen to participate in Season #1 which will launch this Saturday, July 20, 2013 in Denver, CO.

“It s something that s never been seen before by the online marketing industry; we have literally pulled out all the stops and are truly raising the bar for the rest of the industry,” Anna says.

“We experienced a $100,000/month lifestyle complete with 2 hillside mansions, chauffeurs, private chefs, yachts and a full Hollywood based film crew and producer whose previous work includes The Ultimate Fighter, Shark Tank, Extreme Home Makeover, The Real World just to name a few.”

Known for her huge passion and big dreams of bringing joy, laughter, and abundance to the world by helping people in need, Anna says “Reality” the experience “rocked us all to the core in an amazing way.

“There is no question about it, this level of exposure will certainly affect us (online marketing industry) in both positive and significant ways,” notes Anna.

This significant move began back in May (2013), when people from all walks of life were pre-screened, selected and placed in teams of 8 to be in each week’s episode. You will see the personal breakthroughs, the trials & tribulations…not to mention experience the type of lifestyle that is possible when you allow nothing to hold you back with an online business. Now more than ever people are looking to earn money online, and we are here to show them how simple it can be.”

You can get a sneak peak ( (Anna is second from left with bag behind her. She can also be seen several times on the teaser insideshe says it s only a tiny bit of what s to come!

Keep in touch with Anna through her blog where she will be sharing experiences she had while filming the show.

Anna Linnehan

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