Advanced Image Concepts Introductory Announcement

Are you looking for the next level of research-quality microscope technology? Advanced Image Concepts is pleased to announce the availability of Huvitz microscopes for distribution in the United States.  Huvitz offers a line of advanced, top-quality microscopes comparable to those provided by Zeiss, Leica, Olympus and Nikon.  With wide applicability for use in universities and research facilities, quality control labs, and commercial industry, Huvitz instruments are an essential resource for science professionals. A well-regarded international company with a strong presence in the ophthalmology and optometric markets, Huvitz has extensive expertise that combines high optical quality with sophisticated digital applications for precise analysis.  Now, they are harnessing that expertise to introduce a new line of instruments into the traditional field of scientific and industrial microscopy. Cutting-Edge Feature Huvitz optics provide superb optical clarity and resolution in various models that serve as a platform for competitive research performance and challenging industrial applications.  This optical clarity is coupled with a range of digital applications that including: measurement; Extended Depth of Focus (EDF); tiling and stitching; 2-D and 3-D profiling; and a wide range of other applications for metallurgical and industrial use, giving researchers superior control in data collection. With its ergonomic design and functions, Huvitz is intuitively crafted and easy to operate for hours on end. Buyer Assurance Huvitz’ clients can rest assured that the dealers they purchase from are well-educated in microscopic scientific applications and industry standards. All sellers receive hands on, one-on-one product training and are highly-qualified to explain and demonstrate applicable features. Client Support Comprehensive and easy-to-understand operator manuals give Huvitz clients convenient resources to fully-utilize and customize the microscope’s features.  Full-length English manuals are provided for training on all digital products. Top-of-the-Line Warranty Advanced Image Concepts provides easy availability of replacement parts and products.  Our manufacturer agreement assures prompt repair and replacement of all defective components, along with ready availability of accessories.  All Huvitz products come with a standard 5-year warranty against defects in material and workmanship for optical and mechanical components, and a 1-year warranty for electrical components. Order Processing Advanced Image Concepts ships most Huvitz orders within 48 hours of receipt. Other Products Advanced Image Concepts will soon introduce a range of other accessories and specialized products that are in keeping with a focus on providing high-quality tools for professional scientific use.  Initial products will include digital products, stereomicroscope accessories, and select specialty products. We look forward to providing you with the latest quality products in microscopic technology. Ludwig Eckl, CEO and President Advanced Image Concepts 809 Silverthorn Ln 33573 Ruskin, FL Tel: 413 262 5940