Empower Network Networking Conference Heads for Chicago, IL, April 19-21!

Following hot on the heels of its successful Austin, Texas sell-out event called “Release Your Inner BadAss”, the Empower Network is set to host another, dubbed: "Get Money Conference” in Chicago, IL at the "Fight the Forces of Evil" scheduled for the weekend of April 19-21, 2013. Sign up here! According to spokesman’s  Jack and Karen  Robertson, the march to Chicago, IL for the "Get Money Conferenceconference was decided upon by an overwhelming demand from participants who swooped down on the earlier event in Austin, Texas. “We’ll be hosting some  5,000 of the most badass marketers in the game today, at the largest event in Empower Network history, and our aim will be to show you how to ‘Get Money’ ...for no other reason than to be ridiculous,” says Jack and Karen. Empower Network offers world class marketing, business and life training from people who walk their talk and get results with what they teach. Empower Network host's one of the Internet's largest publishing platforms and content networks for bloggers and content marketers. Programs that make the Empower Network events so sought after, according to Jack, is that persons have a some top five levels that suit their individual financial interests and goals to choose from, namely:
  • Empower Network Viral Blogging System - "How To Get Buckets Of Hands Free Traffic And Explode Your Sales In any program." The blogging platform is the lowest entry level to start using the system.
  • Inner Circle Membership - "How to Re-Program your brain For Massive Success" There is life-changing information on these trainings.
  • Costa Rica Intensive - "Who Else Wants To “Eavesdrop” On 13 People Who Locked Themselves In A Room In Costa Rica To Develop A Secret Formula That Has Made Millions Online?"
  • The 15K Formula- best technical training to learn how to market online. This is where the magic happens. "This Formula Creates $15,000.00 Or More Each Month Using The Most High-Level (Yet Simple) Tactics Ever Use…” (brand new for 2013)
  • Masters Course - "Here’s How Ex-Homeless Guys, High School Drop Outs, and Tech Challenged Construction Workers Make More Money than Doctors - And the Mind Bending Systems They Use to Do It."
Currently ranked at 164 in Alexa score as authority Site on  the web, the Empower Network goal is to simply teach people an easier and smarter way to actually "Get Money" in their businesses, and in their lives, in a way that will be so clear, it will seem a no brainer. Empower Network Business Events are arguably the most epic and impactful live 'experiences' this industry has ever seen.  And according to Jack, over half of the tickets are already sold out. “They sold out the first week we made them available,” notes Jack. “Just like every call we do, and every hangout we do, and every webinar we do - they all SELL OUT or fill up so fast thousands of people get locked out ... literally ...every time,” he adds. Just like what happened at the last event, in Austin, where participants packed out the room to capacity (over 4,000 people strong), and they had an army of people submit support tickets and call their "not so corporate" office furiously because they couldn’t get a ticket to the event. "If you want to get a ticket to any Empower event, you have to act fast -- because they ALWAYS sell out fast and thousands of people end up getting locked out," says Jack, thus pointing to the fact that when people from Empower Network all gather in one room together it’s almost as if there’s a "magical" power that guides the direction of what happens. ABOUT THE EMPOWER NETWORK Empower Network is a collective group of entrepreneurs, leveraging each other’s efforts to generate residual income. It is world-class information products, elite internet marketing trainings, and superior digital services. The Empower Network’s affiliate program pays 100% commissions that allow members the chance to create a lifestyle-altering, life-changing income from the comforts of their own home. For further information, please visit:  http://trck.me/180328/ Jack and Karen’s blog http://jacknkaren.com Or hit me up on Face book https://www.facebook.com/orville.robertsoniii