SurfSafeVPN Launches New Internet Protection Service!

SurfSafeVPN, a newly established Internet security and protection firm is taking back the internet and making it safe, secure and private by providing Internet users anonymity and privacy, is now live and is accessible online at According to owner Tony Bembenek, SurfSafeVPN is a virtual private network, which provides secure and protected transportation for the delivery of personal and confidential business data. “This will stop hackers from intercepting and stealing your confidential business data when employees are connected in unsecured networks such as public WI-FI hotspots (i.e. hotels, airports, coffee shops),” says Bembenek. “It was designed to provide protection for the communication and transfer activities of confidential information (i.e. online banking, online shopping),” adds owner Bembenek, who also claims it allows remote workers secure and protected access to their company's network/server. With the means to protect confidential business information, creates complete privacy and possessing the ability to help users conduct business anonymously by keeping internet activities from being monitored, SurfSafeVPN installs easily with just “one simple click.” Among the various online activities SurfSafeVPN provide security for include, but by no means an exhaustive list, are VOIP, Email, chat (Instant Messaging), online banking, financial transactions, shopping, browsing – Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, ICQ, MSN, Blogs, Newsgroups, downloading and much more. SurfSafeVPN is the only VPN that has Photo Shield. Internet users no longer have to worry about sharing photos online, an activity that can easily provide local information such as maps and addresses that can lead predators directly to your home or children. With the Photo Shield installed, users can now feel secure they are no longer putting themselves or their children at risk with their online activities. “Simply because the new SurfSafeVPN’ Photo Shield encryption puts data in a kind of iron-grip protection mode that makes stuffs, like photos, more impossible to disclose information such as where it was taken, thus preventing potential predators from downloading either a map or address that would lead such persons directly to your home or child,” notes Bembenek. SurfSafeVPN is particularly suitable for Individuals and small-to-medium-size businesses. Noting that nearly 50 per cent of small businesses with less than 500 employees are often targeted by cyber-attacks and individuals identity stolen every three seconds, Bembenek says internet users no longer have to worry about their online safety. “With SurfSafeVPN to the rescue, internet users and businesses today have the ability to protect their internet activities from all cyber hackers,” adds the company’s owner, and head of a globally operated company that partners with many different kinds of businesses. Businesses who have partnered with SurfSafeVPN have created substantial additional revenue's by promoting the software to their customers. SurfSafeVPN is hiring locally and globally For further information, please visit the following website: MEDIA CONTACT: TonyBembenek, Owner, SurfSafeVPN, N1883 Old F Rd., Rio, WI 53960 (, 608 302 9393,