The Startup Blawger Is A Definite “blawg”!

Run by a techie-turned-lawyer, The Startup Blawger is a 'blawg' [a legal blog] which covers startup-friendly stuff. Technology. Law. Everything in between. Krishna Grandhi, who runs Startup Blawger, is a patent attorney who specializes in working with emerging and web 2.0 technologies and interfaces with startups regularly. Startups have lots of questions about the legal stuff. However, by the time they get around to dealing with them first hand, they are often confused by all the terminology and all the choices out there. This blog attempts to make some of the legal stuff sound less scary. And everything sounds less scary when you can sort of speak the speak, the legalese, if you will. TSB hopes to familiarize the Startup with the legalese, and get startups comfortable with the choices out there. But, the blog won't be just about the law. Any content of interest for startups will be on there. This includes tech news, startup news, startup-friendly news in other fields of interest such as sales and marketing. Krishna received an M.B.A. from Cornell University and J.D. from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, where he served as an Executive Business Editor and Technology Editor for the Cleveland State Law Review. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in computer science from Cleveland State University, and he worked in the industry for about 10 years before switching gears and turning into a lawyer. CONTACT INFORMATION: The Startup Blawger blog at @startupblawger - Twitter - Facebook