Meet American Tree Service Supply (ATSS), America’s Leading Pole Saws/Pruners

American Tree Service Supply (ATSS), known by its customers to be always there providing them a higher reach so they no longer need a ladder or to climb, is today considered the leading online provider of long pole saws and pruners. However, with most people wanting to do their own cutting or trimming to save money, their clients often take refuge the company that continues to provide them the finest pole saws and pruners. Thus, ATSS has made its goal: a) to be the provider of exceptional customer service, b) to consistently produce high-quality durable professional grade tree pruning systems and accessories, and c) to conduct business in a way that will result in long term mutually beneficial relationships. As a result of setting themselves these goals, ATSS has over time developed a way of life that includes them being:
  • fully present in the moment to give our clients 100% of our attention.
  • promising that every person will be treated fairly, honestly, ethically & respectfully and in a … timely manner.
  • believing our clients will treat them the same way as they treat them.
  • providing free access to links on the site for the safety of all.
  • believing that safe tools and their application are our first priority to the tree trimming community.
  • committing to excellence in all that they do while on the planet, and that...
  • business success is not the be all-end all… happy customers is the be all-end all.
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