ECig Brand Starter Kit for Smokers Wanting to Experience the Benefits of eCigarettes with a Risk Free Trial!

Smoking has been banned in venues around the world, making it almost impossible to smoke anywhere but in the home. Electronic cigarettes offer individuals a way to smoke in prohibited areas and Allen Tanner, CMO of E Cig Brand Starter Kit, is offering a free trial of ecigs at the web site “The ECig Brand Starter Kit is a great device with the ability to help some individuals stop smoking,” said Tanner. “For people who aren’t ready to quit, they offer an alternative method of satisfying nicotine cravings that can be used in many locales where smoking has been banned.” The ECig Brand Starter Kit provides everything needed to begin using the device, including:
  •     A USB charger
  •     Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  •     Advanced atomizer
  •     Tobacco flavored cartridges
  •     Associated warranty period
An enormous amount of misinformation has been disseminated by the device’s detractors, but electronic cigarettes have gained an impressive list of supporters, from athletes to movie stars. Celebrities that use electronic cigarettes include Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brittany Spears and Charlie Sheen, and the number continues to grow daily. ECig Brand electronic cigarettes are advancing in popularity and have many advantages over conventional cigarettes.
  •     Odorless;
  •     Smokeless;
  •     Economical;
  •     Recharges with any USB port;
  •     Eliminates accidental fires;
  •     Leaves no residue in homes, vehicles or the workplace;
  •     Safe even for pregnant women;
  •     Used successfully in smoking cessation programs;
  •     Fits easily in pockets, purses, backpacks and carry-ons;
  •     No bad breath;
  •     Multiple flavors and strengths;
  •     Won’t stain teeth or dental work;
  •     No ash or cigarette butts to contaminate land and waterways;
ECig Brand devices deliver a measured amount of nicotine mixed with water vapor to satisfy cravings. Designed to resemble a traditional cigarette, electronic cigarettes provide all the pleasurable sensations associated with smoking to satisfy physical and psychological cravings. Fans can follow the firm on Facebook at, on Twitter at and on YouTube at . Visitors can register to receive updates as they become available. The ECig Brand Starter Kit offers a safer, healthier and risk free alternative to traditional cigarettes. The ECig Brand website is a one-stop resource for information, news and reviews, along with special promotions and new product releases. The site provides a trusted source for news about laws and restrictions on smoking and electronic cigarettes for a global audience, allowing smokers to stay informed on all aspects of smoking. For more information, visit the website at