Level 4 Fundin: The New, One-of-a-Kind Alternative Investment Solution!

A new investment company that lends out money to real estate investors and earns investors 8-12% on their investment has today announced a new way show how investors are making money investing in what is called, “Level 4 Funding”. The company, which targets accredited investors or people who want to invest in real estate, also goes by the name ”Level 4 Funding”. “Level funding is an alternative funding option for investors who are looking for a variation of self-funding, which is a one of a kind investment solution now available in the marketplace” says Mark Gowlovech, Vice President Acquisitions at Level 4 Funding. The Level 4 Funding company, which offers investors residential and commercial real property loans,  present clients a one of a kind loan facility that comes with the following features: “Through Level 4 Funding, a whole new breed of real estate investors is making crazy money by investing in Level 4 Funding, where people are earning an average of  8-12  per cent on their investment,” says Mark Gowlovech, Vice President Acquisitions at Level 4 Funding. “We at Level 4 Funding are committed to helping investors realize their dream of investing safely while earning a great return on their investment,” says Mark. Asked why potential investors would be interested investing their hard-earned money in Level 4 Funding and what were the benefits, Mark points to the fact that not only were persons earning a steady return of 8-12 per cent on investment, but that in today’s troubled economy Level 4 Funding offers investors a newer and safer way for them to invest their money. “Level 4 Funding comes with unique features that pre-set monthly payments, with a high level of information and control,” he adds. For further information about Level 4 Funding, please contact: Mark Gowlovech, Vice President Acquisitions, Level 4 Funding, 23335 N 18th Drive Suite 120, Phoenix AZ 85027, USA (http://www.level4funding.com); 602-413-3930, mark@level4funding.com.