Rap Artist Marcus Parker Released New Motivational Rap Video: “Long Time Coming”!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rmk8UugXqkU] Rap Artist Marcus Parker Released New Motivational Rap Video: “Long Time Coming”! Texas-born author and motivational rap artist Marcus Parker has today announced the release of his latest musical project, a new motivational rap video titled: ‘Long Time Coming’. It not only tell of the roller-coaster struggles and difficulties he has had to face in life, but demonstrated how he overcame them all due to his adopting of a positive mental and never-say-die attitude. “I was inspired to do this video while watching Iyanla Vanvant on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday. It is a very emotional song that I wrote a while back which describes some ups and downs in my life,” says Marcus, who is currently promoting all rap artists with a positive, motivational, and inspirational message. According to Marcus, after penning a best-seller called, "The Product" in 2004, his life took many turns for the worst. “I lost my money, my house, my cars, many close friends, buried my father, and went through a federal indictment,” he adds, pointing to ‘Long Time Coming’ as his personal anthem to fighting through difficult obstacles. Thus he is hoping the words of the song (lyrics) can help someone else battle through life's hard times. The video, which describes artist’s life struggles from being a local best-selling author, was designed to be a motivation to youths who are in schools battling many life struggles. It also paints a positive picture to those who are in need of motivation. Having written and sang several songs telling and making people aware though life is full of challenges, Marcus knows the challenges can be overcome with resilience and a positive attitude . According to Marcus "The Product" came about in 2004 when life took many turns for the worst, but has become his personal anthem to scaling the obstacles. “If it happened for me, it can happen for you too,” says Marcus, a celebrity one would expect to have an issue free life. That wasn’t the case, and Marcus has climbed all the ladders of life from being one of the hottest new authors on the scene, to battling with depression, death, and even drugs. However, as a singer who lives by the very words he penned and sung, Marcus uses his personal struggles and victories to prove that nothing is impossible. And no matter who you are and from what strata of society you are from, when your world begin to crash all around you, you only need to be focused and has a real sense of self-preservation. About Marcus Parker Marcus Parker is a Motivational Rap pioneer & Creator of Motivational Rap Music, “Long Time Coming”. He was born on September 3, 1974 and is an American author, writer, and motivational rap artist. Marcus Parker attended Lincoln High School in Port Arthur, Texas. After Graduating, he joined the United States Air Force, where he was trained in field of Electronics. After four years of service Marcus Parker left with an honorable discharge and an associate’s degree in Electronics Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. He worked in the semiconductor field after his service and gained a very high income as an electronics equipment technician. After writing his autobiography “The Product” in 2004 and so speaking and traveling to schools and churches, and youth groups speaking to youth about staying positive and getting past their hardships, he wrote online eBooks, which can be found on Amazon. He also has over 50 motivational rap songs to his credit. Most of these songs he wrote and produced himself are available on iTunes. ‘Marcus ‘long time coming’ Video can be seen on YouTube via this link http://youtu.be/Rmk8UugXqkU For further information about Marcus Parker and his new motivational rap musical video, ‘Long Time Coming’, please visit the following website: www.MarcusParker.com, a vehicle for all the true hip hop warriors who, like himself, make music that does not fit into mainstream media.