Site provides great offers, but aesthetically poor in design

This is a pretty decent website, but it does itself a disservice by cramming too many items on the pages. It looks more like a haberdashery than a website, which I am sure the owner had probably wanted an attractively engaging, interactive and user-friendly site. Basically, I don't like its domino-square box look. As a result, it doesn't offer very good display opportunities for the items listed there. Photos/images of the items are all too small. I understand that you might be going after a “classified” listing look, but I don't think this works very effectively for online businesses. The job of an online business is about delivering information in bite size morsels, but in an interestingly arresting way. The way to achieve this, in my estimate, is to effectively marry larger photos/graphics with engaging copy. My suggestion is that you ask your web designer to take a second look at the site and see if he/she can come up with something that is more graphically pleasing and arrestingly interactive. Use drop-down tabs or bullet buttons to high light categories that allow the visitor a more intimate view of an item when clicked. This sort of thing provides “in your face and up close” displays for items, thus showing more feature and less strain on the eye for mature folks. To be honest, this site doesn't really pique my interest in its current state. However, if it's making the owner crazy money as it is now, then, I'd have to admit that I am a poor judge of what really makes website clicks. Even though the site doesn't appeals to me aesthetically, it does carry some pretty interesting inventory that a lot of people would be interested in, including myself. However, if you want to get me in the store, then you'd have to first pique my interest with the aesthetics, which I believe is lacking in this website. -END-