Foodie HQ Relaunched Newly Redesigned Website!

Foodie HQ, the only centralised marketplace with a complete virtual listing of Australian farmers markets, cooking schools and foodie events, today has announced the relaunch of its newly redesigned website, The website, created by the Brisbane-based food loving Hansen sisters - Tracy and Paula – was designed for foodies who are keen to find information on recipes, classes, events, markets, retailers and ‘how to’ do things foodie-related. “With our newly updated website, Foodies will no longer have to waste time and energy, even money, searching aimlessly for the information about farmers markets listings, food, wine, cooking, recipes, and cooking classes,” said Paula Clarke. “What we have done is to provide them a central location where they can access all they’ll ever need to satisfy their needs, desires and passion as it relates to anything Foodie.” Whether the Foodie is young, old, married, single, straight or gay, according to Paula, Foodies HQ will act as a magnet to bringing together anyone with the common bond being a love of food and cooking. Foodies HQ is now their very own exclusive online resource for anything foodie anywhere in the world. “You can always trust the integrity of the independent information given as it is sourced by foodies for foodies” said Paula. Therefore, if you are a foodie and you are looking for a “must go to foodie site,” the Foodie HQ is the main centre of interest for all things Foodie. And of course, their new ‘How To’ blog is going to be the thing to watch out for. “We want people to come back to our website time and time again, bookmark it, favourite it, save it, blog about it, send it to friends, tweet it, and reference it. If you need any Foodie expert information and advice, we are the people to come to,” said Paula. “And in 2011, you can watch out for new additions to include Tours & Travel, Wine and Dining Out sections.” The concept for Foodie HQ is to provide a place to find quality online information for busy people who love food, wine, cooking and entertaining. For further information, please contact: Paula Clarke & Tracy Hansen +61 (0)403 766 000