Prison Coaches Prepares Convicts for Incident Free Sentence!

Athletes – track stars, footballers, hockey players, ice-skaters - and even animals do need coaching by professional trainers to help them realize their true potential. But does a convicted felon really need a coach? Prison Coach Partners Steve Oberfest and John Fuller, who have over 18 years of combined specialization in prison coaching, believe that convicted felons who are being sent to prison can benefit tremendously from having a coach. Known throughout the U.S. as “Coaches of the Stars”, Oberfest and Fuller have regularly been booked to speak at sports franchises, colleges and attorney seminars all around the country. “In the last eight years, clients have trusted us to properly prepare them mentally to complete their incarceration incident free,” said Oberfest, the founder and originator of Prison Coach. “And not only do we make the self-surrendering process less painful for clients, but we also know how to get the job done right.” Each client’s case is handled by Prison Coach Consultants, who themselves have experienced life in prison ranging from camps to penitentiaries, in contrast to using attorneys or former prison staff members who have never lived and experienced prison life. The thing that sets them apart from other penal officials is simple fact that their client’s will be consulted by people who have experienced life inside prison camps, and not attorneys or former prison staff who have never lived in a prison. “As Prison Coach Consultants, we respond promptly to all attorney and client requests,” said Oberfest, who is known to provide straight answers and offer a free consultation to all clients. “If an attorney or anyone else claiming to be a prison consultant does not have experience in procedures or events associated with incarceration, namely attending admissions and orientation once inside a prison;  witnessing prison violence; having been strip searched; being designated to a prison more than 700 miles from his home; being required to budget 300 minutes per month on the inmate telephone system for years, then he or she may not have the experience, the skills and the special knowledge that is necessary to consult someone who is preparing to go to prison. We offer this experience,” said Oberfest, considered the premiere and most recognized prison consultant in the industry. If you’d like to know more about these novel prison coaches, Oberfest is inviting you to visit their website,, to acquaint yourself, should you ever need to be prepared  physically and mentally to complete  your sentence incident free and return to society with minimal post-prison trauma. For further information, please contact: John Fuller-Vice President Prison Coach 732-406-2834 Business Address: Prison Coach, 335 E 76th St Suite 100, New York, NY 10075, USA.