Mifren – A New Island Social Network!

Mifren.com is the latest among the promising social networking sites on the internet. In times such as these, when social interaction is rampant online, social networking sites are providing users with the features and opportunities that were unimaginable before. They are providing people with the means to easily connect beyond borders. Mifren.com is one such social networking site that is interactive and unique in approach. It aims to connect its members to islands worldwide, and tell them about everything related to the islands. Whether it be Island events or Island destinations, this site is a great place for information needed to plan your next trip to the islands, satisfy your curiosity about the tropics or find island events, restaurants or hot spots. Its focus, however, is on bringing together Islanders and island enthusiasts from all over the world through its various tools and features. “The internet is now available to people even in remote areas and is an invaluable communication resource and to an extent, the same can be said for social networking. There are many social networking sites on the web, but none is dedicated to connecting the islands and islanders to the rest of the world”, says Mario McKenzie, founder of Mifren.com. “With Mifren.com, our goals are to connect the world to island communities and their people, provide travelers with useful information, help friends and families stay in contact, and provide an easy to use platform that anyone can use to share and learn. It will be a convenient way to remain updated and linked”, he further added. It is absolutely free to join and there are several features that members can use to connect with each other, share and have fun. They can share blogs, post or find events, share videos and photos, post updates and other media content, create groups and polls, instantly chat with friends and family and create pages with unique content. Business members can also add their location to their profile so that other members and potential customers can easily find them on the map. According to McKenzie, “there are many more new and exciting features being developed that we hope to release in the next coming months. We are not trying to rush it, our main goal is to make Mifren unlike any other site on the internet”. Even for travelers, Mifren.com provides exciting aspects that they will find useful, unlike other social networking sites. It has an Island directory filled with information, which can aid in planning trips to different islands around the world. Within the next couple of months, the network will launch more features allowing travelers to get reviews on island resorts and get information on various hot spots. There is also an Island restaurant directory in the works which will help all the food loving members to find great island cuisine. Currently, a beta version of the site is available for users. Although still somewhat under development, the network has been launched for members to begin getting familiar with all the fun features Mifren has. With its distinctive idea and useful features, Mifren.com will surely connect the world to island communities and their people, provide travelers with useful information and help friends and families stay in contact. It is a welcoming addition to the existing social networking sites that will bridge the communication gap between people and cultures, and will definitely be an asset to the social networking industry. For information: www.mifren.com — This article was first published at JKHanok.com