Oceanside, CA - November 4, 2010 - "If you don't know where you are going, all roads will lead you there, but when you get there, how would you know you arrived?" - Alice In Wonderland. There is not a truer statement that than when it comes to bookkeeping, which is one of the most essential tasks to make your business run successfully. “Failing to keep on track with your small business' finances has been responsible for many companies’ downfall,” according to financial guru and head of Tibi Zohar Custom Financial Planning, Tibi Zohar. “Therefore, you ought to know the many different steps that you can take when setting up your books.” Here is what Zohar says you need to know in order to be more effective in your bookkeeping, especially if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner. It’s no secret that most small business operators are schooled in the art of running their shop, plus a couple other things other than accounting, thus their books are usually one of the areas where they stumble and fall. Some do have so-called do-it-yourself accounting system in pace, and misguidedly believe that's all there is to tending their books. Still yet there are others who make the perennial mistake of mixing their personal financial accounts with the with their business financial accounts. “This is one mistake you should never make. It can cause a lot of heartache and pain when it comes around to tax time. I recommend you have separate credit cards and checking accounts. It not only makes your filing system easier, it also makes tracking your personal and business expenses quicker and easier,” says the former President and Chairman of the Board at the San Diego Jewish Chamber of Commerce. Hiring an accountant or bookkeeper isn't always expensive, according to the financial wizard Zohar, but fortunately there’s one who comes very inexpensively and will help you to implement an effective accounting system. In this regard, financial and insurance professional Zohar got you covered. About Tibi Zohar: A strong and vocal member of the Jewish community in Israel and America, financial and insurance professional Tibi Zohar assists the community in different ways. Since May 2008, Tibi Zohar has served as President and Chairman of the Board at the San Diego Jewish Chamber of Commerce, where he ensures the continued performance and proliferation of the Jewish culture through business development. With numerous partnerships and connections to Jewish organizations around the world, Tibi Zohar works along business professionals and corporations to keep the Jewish identity and presence in San Diego and environs. Regularly featured in San Diego Jewish World, San Diego Jewish Journal, and San Diego Business Journal, Tibi Zohar has made and continues to make a significant impact on his community. Co-Chairman of the San Diego “Israel at 60” celebrations in 2008, Tibi Zohar and his wife, Tami Zohar, wrote a commencement address in the San Diego Builders of Israel book, noting their astonishment at “the creativity, imagination, and overall advancement this teenager state has made in all areas.” Tibi Zohar possesses a rich history and connection to his Jewish heritage, culture, and traditions. Growing up in Israel during the 60s and 70s, Tibi Zohar experienced the monumental changes that took place for Jewish citizens as their homeland took shape. A soldier in the Israel Defense Forces for several years, Tibi Zohar saw action as an active-duty combat medic. Tibi Zohar spent most of his life in Israel, where he developed a career and honed his skills in the field of life insurance and financial planning. Leaving Israel in 2000 to found Tibi Zohar Custom Financial Planning, Tibi Zohar deftly balances his busy professional, personal, and charitable interests while remaining connected to his homeland. For further information, contact: Tibi Zohar President/CEO Phone: (760) 722-8600 Fax: (760) 231-8739 E-mail: tibi@tibizohar.com