Design Practica launches website services for small business owners!

Vancouver, BC, Nov. 2, 2010 -Looking for a website that will look and work great, stand out from the crowd, and fit into your budget? Well look no further, Design Practica ( got you covered.
Design Practica, your small business web partner, is a Vancouver-based web shop, started by a group of experienced software developers and talented designers, namely Nikolay Orlenko, Senior CMS Developer, PHP Ninja; Alex Koltukov, Designer, Visual Art Guru; and Andrey Volodko Web Developer, CSS Magician. “We are changing things for the better by helping small businesses that were left out by the internet revolution to get in the game,” says Orlenko of the company that specialises in solving web-related problems for small businesses. He adds that they take care of the hard parts to make it easy for clients to get online and become more visible. This small international team offers an easy-to-use solution, coupled with outstanding support. Here's what is in the package:
  • Name registration and hosting.
  • CMS-based website that will be easy to maintain and keep current.
  • A selection from dozens of attractive, professional templates. An option to create a completely custom design is also available.
  • Help with search optimization, social networks, blogging, professional text writing.
  • A year of our remarkable support. Whatever problems you run into while
“You can't afford not to be on the web. Most of your competitors are online. Your customers are searching for your services and products online. Here's the easiest way to get your business on the internet,” notes Orlenko. ABOUT DESIGN PRACTICA Design Practica is a Vancouver-based web shop, with a small international team formed in 2010, with the intent of making the web a better place for small businesses. For further information, email or call them: / (604) 200 3537. # # # MEDIA CONTACT: Nikolay Orlenko, Senior CMS Developer, PHP Ninja Design Practica (604) 200 3537