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Greenwood, SC, Oct. 29 – Have you ever seen Michelangelo’s David with sculpted six-pack abs? Or perhaps you are a fan of body building and you just love to see those neatly craft abs?


Many men would die for them.

And women go crazy over her man sporting a sexy six-pack ab.

If this is all important to you, then you’ll definitely be interested The Life You Desire, a new fitness blog recently launched by All About Abs, an affiliate marketing program through press releases.

The blog is directed at persons who want to lose weight or get the six -pack that they work hard for.

“The blog will be making regular posts that provide the means by which persons can easily reach their ‘good-look and feel’ goal,” said Arquis Spearman, head of Truth About Abs.

For further information, please visit The Life You Desire website at


Arquis Spearman,
The Life You Desire

1632 Evans Pond Rd.,
SC 29649,