to host free “Secret Formula” tele-seminar

There is a fortune to be had working from home, but this is not something you’ll ever learn attending graduate business schools, says Troy Foster of while announcing a private, by-invitation only, no-cost live tele-seminar, “Secret Formula Teleseminar,” to be hosted by his partner Rod Stinson tonight and tomorrow evening at 6:27 p.m. PST.
During this 33-minute tele-seminar, participants, according to Foster, will be given rare behind-the-scenes look at Rod’s step-by-step ‘Secret Formula’ for creating an absolute fortune working from home. Most important, he says, you can begin using this ‘Secret Formula’ to start earning a consistent $497.00 to $3,497 daily - like clockwork! “This has nothing to do with MLM, Network Marketing, Gifting, Affiliate Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Marketing, Blogs, eBooks, or any of the other offers you usually hear about when it comes to making money from home,” said the enterprising Foster. Neither is it some be some gimmick of the month income scheme, points out Foster. “What you’re going to learn is a time tested and proven formula and methodology Rod has used to consistently earn five and six figures per month income for 19 years now.” In fact, Foster claims his partner, Rod, has never before shared this ‘Secret Formula’ publicly, but now, he is prepared to share it with anyone who is ready to live a lifestyle of total personal and financial freedom. So, if you’d like to be a part of this private, by-invitation only, no-cost live ‘Secret Formula’ tele-seminar, all you have got to do is simply go to and register for free.