7 rules to successful media relations

As an entrepreneur there are several rules that you must follow in order for your business to keep moving in a positive direction and to make you money. Among the set of rules, there are those from public relations. It you are to receive the kind of results that boost your reputation, your support and your profitability - paying attention to the rules of public and media relations can make a difference in your promotional campaign.  It’s not enough to wish for good publicity, or to hope that advertising will draw enough attention to your service, product or issue, but by following the rules outlined below.. 1. Always let the media know the number of people in their present and potential audience who are affected, or could be affected, by your story. 2. Always include in your story pitch to the media a time peg to for the media to report the story at a specific time. 3. Put everything in the highest common denominator. 4. Always eMail your ideas in - never make cold calls to the media. 5. Always assume the journalist is on a deadline and his or her time is very valuable. Make their job as easy as possible. 6. Don't over-saturate your media sources. Don't expect one reporter or one media outlet to continually give you publicity week after week. 7. Everything you say to a reporter can be used by that reporter in a story. If you want to tell a reporter something that he or she may not use in a story, you must have permission from the journalist to go "off the record," and then tell him or her what you want kept out of the story. SECOND THOUGHT: Never go "off record with a journalist!" Loose mouth sink ship... so if you don't want to see in the media, shut your mouth. Do you have a media rule that you live by that you’d like to share with you, we’d very much welcome your sharing it with out in the comment sections below. ****** PS: To find out how we can help you and your company gain the exposure you deserve, please CONTACT US TODAY for a FREE INITIAL ASSESSMENT!