An "invitation to change" is how many have described the unprecedented rescue of the 33 miners who were trapped for 69 days in a San José mine in Chile. As an entrepreneur, I am in total agreement. First of all it's an invitation to change to change the way we do business. No matter how important the bottomline is, people - your employees, customers, suppliers - must come first. When they are sufficiently taken care of, then the bottomeline will take care of itself. Secondly, it is an invitation for us to also change our attitude and thinking towards business. Some times business are up, and another time, its down. Just as how many of us are still going through our recession entombment, we must not consider it our tomb, but an opportunity for rebirth. Finally, we ought to take a leaf out of the Chilean President's book, and also the miners family's book. As head of our business, so should be put ourselves in the position of the Chilean President who made a commitment to get the trapped miners out of their predicament. So too, must we - when we make a promise or commitment to our customers or clients - we too must follow through. If you do, everyone will be happy, and there'll be a big celebration at the end - successful conclusion of the assignment or project. Concerning the miners' family, we must emulate them for their unswerving commitment and dedication to their trapped loved ones. When others fail to believe in and stick out the tough times with us, our often our family members and loved ones who are often there for us - through thick and thin. The incident is also an invitation for us to draw closer to our families and loved ones. During the lean period of your business or even in our personal lives, because there'll be no one to stick around to give us encouragement and moral support. Now, I'd like to hear from you how this Chilean rescue mission mirrored other areas of your business or personal lives. Please share your comments with us in the box below.