EmailWire.Com Newswire and Press Release Service Updates with Industry Definition of Press Release Terms

Press Release Writing Guide - Get Tips on How to Write a Press Release (EMAILWIRE.COM) Houston, TX -- Here are relevant terms with their definitions that you should be acquainted when writing a press release: News Releases The term news release also means Press Release. A press release or a news release is an issued statement by a business, organization or individual to the media or published online. The statement is often deemed as newsworthy. Distribution Points Distribution points are where news is delivered. For example, a journalist’s news e-mail address is a distribution point. A server in a newsroom that receives press releases via FTP feed or other news delivery protocol is a distribution point. A newswire service delivers news over a feed to distribution points. Mass Media The combination of news distribution through radio and television stations, print media, Internet to a wide audience is called Mass Media. News Media News media provides current news to audiences. Examples of news media are newspapers, radio and television stations, magazines, online news sites and blogs. News Coverage News coverage is the reporting on an event, product, person or service over television and radio airwaves, the internet and print media to a particular audience. If you issue a press release you expect news coverage on the message contained therein. News distribution Any company or a system that disseminates news to distribution points is in the business of news distribution. PR PR stands for Public Relations or Press Release. Press Release Distribution This is the process of distributing press releases over the newswires, online news sites and to other media outlets such as radio and TV stations and print media. Press Release Distribution Service A company that provides press release distribution as a service to its clients is in the business of press release distribution service. Press Release Service Press release service is the same press release distribution service. Submit Press Releases (Submit PR) You’ll often find links on websites that provide press release service to “Submit Press Release” or “Submit PR;” these are links asking to you submit your press release. VNR (Video News Release) This is a video taped interview that is produced by a company, organization or person to be aired in a TV stations. Today small businesses or individuals produce their own VNRs and release them over the Internet or video search engines such YouTube. “We’ll continue to write helpful articles for our clients and online users as time permits,” explains Joseph Nchor, Editor and Publisher of Articles are available for download at no cost at . About EmailWire.Com™ ( ) is a press release distribution service of GroupWeb Media LLC.™ uses co-branding, viral marketing, RSS feed, e-mail, fax, satellite technology to distribute company news to major and none major newswires, vertical and news websites, individual email boxes through opt-in distribution, and to journalists’ desktops in the format they choose. EmailWire.Com currently offers unlimited pres release distribution for $499 per year at . About GroupWeb Media LLC GroupWeb Media LLC ( ) is an online media company that specializes in press release distribution, newswire services, news aggregation and dissemination. GroupWeb Media LLC currently has 70 regional and 36 vertical portals that deliver news to targeted audiences. Contact Information: Joseph Nchor Tel: 281-6454086 GroupWeb Contact Information: GroupWeb.Com Joseph Nchor Tel: 281-645-4086 Email us Press Release Keywords: News Releases Distribution Points News Coverage Press Release Distribution Press Release Distribution Service Press Release Copy Writing Service: If the above article was not helpful, or if you need help with writing press releases, we can help. We provide fast and result oriented press release copy writing service, so please call us at (876) 276-7968 or send us an e-mail. Place your order online today.