What kind of business could you start for under $500 and why should you start this business now?

There is no denying it. The economy is bad. Some say that we are about to get over the hump in the road. Others are still preaching doom and gloom for the economy. But what if you decided to start a business today, would you be stupid to do so in this unpredictable economy?

No one seems to know the right answer. Some say “yes”. Others say “no”. Yet, still others believe that if you are starting a business today, if the proper steps are taken when one stating a business, you’ll be ok to do so. Some times the best and only answer is to go with your gut feeling.

However, my question to you is this: “What kind of business could you start for under $500 and why should you start this business now?”

Looking forward to reading your interesting and informative answers in the comments section below.

Published by Delroy A. Whyte-Hall

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