Conducting A Social Media Audit

by Kristy Bolsinger The ability to conduct a thorough and meaningful social media audit is an invaluable weapon in a good marketing arsenal. Whether you’re a consultant getting started with a new client, or an in-house SMM (Social Media Marketer – so I don’t have to type that out every time) looking to improve your current efforts – compiling a holistic and complete picture of your current state of affairs is critical. Certainly every case is different based on the needs of the organization or client but I’ve pulled together a list here that I’ve compiled by looking at client audit’s that I have done in the past as well as the quarterly audit’s I do for my employer. Please feel free to share any points in the comments that you think others should be considering as well. * Profiles o Gather all: Document all profiles (including log-in information) where your brand has a presence, even if inactive. o Secure the rest: An audit is the perfect opportunity to ensure brand security by reserving your brand’s name on ALL other social sites. Yes ALL. Heelllloooo brandjacking!?! It sounds daunting but it’s actually quite simple if you use a site like You can even have them reserve them in an ongoing manner so you don’t have to worry about it. o Level of completion: You’re clearly not going to be active on hundreds of sites. But you”ll want to be sure to at least fill out your profile on them. The audit is the time when you identify the sites you need to beef up your profile information. o Landing Pages: Are you using custom landing pages for your social visitors? (Hint: you probably should be.) Are they up to date? What are their locations, etc? Take inventory and double check your tracking analytics. * Branding o Graphic elements: Check and be sure all logos and brand images are up to date and meet criteria. Consistency is key in branding so be sure you’re in line with the rest of the organization. o Voice: This one is a little harder to “checklist” if you don’t have a style guide for messaging. But take a look at all of your social communications to determine how they’re lining up with the brand voice. If there is too much of the SMM and not enough of the Brand you will want to note this for example.

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