Managing Your Daily Tasks | p2w2 blog

By Iswarya Let me ask you a question. How often has any of the following thoughts occurred to you? “I seriously don’t have enough time!” “Oh no, how could I forget that task?” “How am I expected to manage SO many things at once?” Roughly, atleast once a day huh? It used to happen to me, too. Being a part of a small business means that you will naturally have a hundred things on your mind. And when you can’t manage all your tasks and responsibilities, it’s guaranteed chaos. So it was only recently that I discovered the value of a little something called ‘To-Do lists.’ It’s a simple enough concept, (and quite an obvious one, if you think about it) but so often, most of us fail to do it. All you need to do is spend some time, as soon as you come to work/school (that’s right -  do not check email the first thing in the morning!) to think about your day/week ahead. Trust me, you will realize soon enough that those 15 minutes are not a waste of time! via Managing Your Daily Tasks | p2w2 blog.