Social Media vs Institutions

Today I came across this online article about "Social Media vs Institutions, and one of the things that struck me in it was how we, entrepreneurs, often allow such things as "institutional friction," and "interruptions" separate us from our customers. And I quote: "Now take a moment to consider just what comes between a traditional institution or organization and its customers.  You have a business with all the internal barriers that exist in all companies.  Now you have traditional media to communicate with your customers.  You rely on interruptions and disruptions to message to your clients and potential customers. "Is it any wonder businesses are disconnected from their customers and their experiences?" via Social Media vs Institutions « George Benckenstein – Interactive Marketing Strategist. Are you disconnected from your customers/clients? I hope not, but I'd very like to here you comment on this. From now on, let us commit to breaking down all barriers between us and our customers.