Tony Robbins’s Seven Steps To Breakthrough

by DONNA MARIA Last week, my husband and I watched some of Tony Robbins’s “Breakthrough” shows on Hulu. At one time, the site said the shows would be removed on September 4, but it looks like they’ve changed their minds. (Lucky for you!) Each of the six episodes is about 40 minutes long, and well worth every minute. In the segments, Robbins leads guests through some various exercises designed to take them from despair to hope in 30 days. In each case, Robbins guides them through seven steps that I think can be used in our everyday lives to overcome challenges and achieve our maximum potential in life. Here are the seven steps Robbins leads people through on the show. (I am paraphrasing some of the things Robbins discussed in the shows.) Change Your Environment. The first thing Robbins does is fly guests to his private retreat on Fiji. The idea is that genuine breakthrough is always preceded by some kind of change of scenery that provides a chance to address issues in a new way. While it would be nice if we could all escape to Fiji, in truth, the fact that we cannot should not be an excuse. Anyone can change their environment, even if it’s a local hotel or a day at the spa. Recently, my business partner husband and I changed the environment in which we work. We noticed significant changes in ourselves and our business almost immediately. Face The Real Issues. The next step is to peel the onion to uncover the real issues. In one case, a former professional basketball player (pictured) blamed his former coach for ruining his career. The real issues, which had little to do with the coach, were brought to light in a dramatic meeting between the coach and the player, with Robbins serving as a facilitator. It was a great scene, and I enjoyed seeing genuine healing take place. Embrace Your Power. In moving from despair to breakthrough, eventually, confidence and a feeling of power begin to emerge. Little by little, if you are committed and working hard to move toward a better quality of life, small steps will lead to a chance to embrace your power. via Tony Robbins’s Seven Steps To Breakthrough.