How to Increase Readability of a Press Release in RSS Feed

Optimize your press releases for RSS Feeds (EMAILWIRE.COM) Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has become another means of businesses to reach their clients, particularly through press release distribution. Businesses can increase click-throughs of their press releases by including the most important message within the first paragraph of the release, image, URL, call for action or contact information. Important information first RSS feeds are dispatched in summaries. Each summary contains a title that is hyperlinked to the full text of a release where the feed originates, followed by a summary. While many users can pick and choose which news to subscribe to, they are still bombarded with many sources of news, hence readers pick and choose what they want to read, and they do with limited time. It is therefore important that when one writes a press release to place the important message in the first paragraph where the reader can easily absorbed your intended information. Insert image on your release While the most important message should appear on your first paragraph, a thumbnail image on your RSS feed will draw attention to your reader. When you publish your press release, insert a small image about 100 by 100 pixels or less. This image is syndicated to feeds across the web and to RSS news clients. The thumbnail image should be linked to your full text news release or to a larger image that produces more impact about your news. Insert Links on your feed Summary Many authors introduce a press release with a company’s name. If you have a website, you might as well include the URL of your website in brackets right after your company name. For example, “GroupWeb Media LLC ( introduces a new portal.” The URL that follows a company names encourages users to click to your website. Contact Information on Feed Summary While most contact information is usually at the bottom of a press release, it is also ok to insert in on your first paragraph of your releases. The idea behind this notion is that the contact information is there at readers’ disposal – he or she does not need to visit the full text of your release, read the entire release or scroll down to the bottom to find your contact information. A newsfeed that contains information gives readers relevance of your news release. Images, as we all know, produces impact, hence draws readers’ attention to read your news releases. A URL within your first paragraph encourages your readers to click and visit your website. Contact information necessitates a call for action – readers call you for more information about your product or service. About This Article: This article is a copyrighted property of – a newswire service of GroupWeb Media LLC. Publishing of this article online or on any media format is prohibited, except with express permission of GroupWeb Media LLC. If permission is allowed, the article must have this copyright attribution and a link back to About EmailWire.Com™ ( ) is a press release distribution service of GroupWeb Media LLC.™ uses co-branding, viral marketing, RSS feed, e-mail, fax, satellite technology to distribute company news to major and none major newswires, vertical and news websites, individual email boxes through opt-in distribution, and to journalists’ desktops in the format they choose. EmailWire.Com currently offers unlimited pres release distribution for $499 per year at . About GroupWeb Media LLC GroupWeb Media LLC ( ) is an online media company that specializes in press release distribution, newswire services, news aggregation and dissemination. GroupWeb Media LLC currently has 70 regional and 36 vertical portals that deliver news to targeted audiences. Contact Information: GroupWeb.Com Joseph Nchor Tel: 281-6454086 Email us Press Release Copy Writing Service: If the above article was not helpful, or if you need help with writing press releases, we can help. We provide fast and result oriented press release copy writing service, so please call us at (876) 276-7968 or send us an e-mail. Place your order online today.