Simple Procedure To Decidedly Improve Your Press Release Writing | A Guide To Writing


by Jeff Santoro

Also called news releases, press releases are basically announcements sent to magazines, newspapers, broadcast news divisions or websites. Press releases tell of a company’s new service or product, a recent accomplishment by an individual or group, or of a significant event.

Once the press release is written and sent out, the hope is that one or more of the targeted medias will either publish it verbatim or publish or broadcast it in part. A further hope is that it will serve as a seed that ultimately develops into a feature story written or developed by a journalist.

A well-written press release may also become an SEO article marketing tool, helping a business or nonprofit increase traffic to its website. Search engines like Yahoo, Google or Bing will “discover” the press release on the Web and use it as a criterion for page ranking. The more press releases issued by a particular entity, the higher the potential page rankings on search engines for that entity’s website. In this sense, a press release can function as a duel-purpose marketing vehicle: 1. Spreading the word about new products, services, personnel, accomplishments or events (recent or upcoming) on behalf of an individual, company or group. 2. Boosting the search-presence of that that individual, company or group by publishing relevant press releases at free posting sites.

When writing a press release, keep the following 3 tips in mind:

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