How to Write The Title of a Press Release

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The size of your press release title should not be longer than 100 characters.

(EMAILWIRE.COM) The title your press release should be succinct. It should grab interest or attention of your readers. The title of your release should lead your reader to the next paragraph. Your release title should be short, spellbinding and comprise of keywords relevant to your product, service or theme of your release.

The size of your press release title should not be longer than 100 characters. If you have more to say, don’t make title over 150 characters. Some experts recommend more than one line. Most news sites that receive press releases over online forms provide title fields with 150 characters or less. If the title of your release is over 150 characters, it will be truncated, and you’ll be forced to reduce the length. Another reason you should keep your title short is that journalists read many press releases; at times, they are obligated to spit out articles under constraints of datelines. Give journalists the gist of your release in a short title.

While you want to keep the title of your press release short, you want to hold the attention of your reader. You also want to include necessary keywords relevant to the product or service your want to promote. Remember search engines index releases based on keywords. Online users, including journalists, search news with keywords. One keyword that businesses often forget, yet it is very important, is company name. A company at the beginning of your release helps to increasing the branding of your company.

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