10 Ways to Make Headlines for Your Small Business!

By Scott Steinberg - Entrepreneur.com AdChoices It's every entrepreneur's dream: to see your business's name in lights. But with thousands of companies competing in hundreds of verticals for the same limited number of column inches, blog posts and precious seconds of airtime, let's level: It's not easy to score the precious publicity boost that placement in your local newspaper or an influential website can provide. Nor, for that matter, is avoiding the trap of becoming yesterday's news. However, the upside for even the leanest startups is that these days, it doesn't take massive marketing and public relations budgets or lavish events to generate serious ink. Mind you, there's no one simple strategy for breaking into every outlet--each is actually a broad collection of self-contained sections staffed by a unique team of reporters with various backgrounds, interests and needs. But employ the simple tips below, and who knows? You too could soon be making headlines. 1. Get your story straight Ask yourself: What makes my company unique? Because with countless rivals out there competing for the same space, what's to make an editor choose you out of a sea of faceless competitors? Knowing this, it's imperative that you instantly set yourself apart from the pack in journalists' minds. Look at things from their perspective--they need to immediately identify compelling stories, then condense and translate these gems into digestible nuggets that anyone can enjoy. So start by picking three attributes, or unique sales points, that present your case and weaving them into a compelling narrative, which makes it fast and simple to see where a potential fit lies. Read the rest of the story here. Need help with your public relations needs? We can help!