My spam e-mails are important to me!

I hate junk eMail just as you do. However, I admit it has become very much apart of our online existence. But what’s the solution? You hate them, but you have got to live with them. Same as when life hands you melons, what do you do with them? Throw them away? No! You use them to make lemonade. Its summer, and there’s no denying it’s the perfect time to have some cool lemonade around to quench your thirst. Fun and joke aside, what really is junk e-mails, and why do we hate them so much? Junk e-mail is the unsolicited e-mail (i.e. you didn't ask to receive them) that wants to sell you something. One of the many reasons a lot of us think junk e-mails are bad stems from its intrusion. For instance, you went to the trouble of getting an e-mail account and learning how to use e-mail. Now, in addition to messages from your friends, relatives, and possibly your place of work, you keep getting bothered with dumb little messages trying to sell you "E-Z" credit or "live online video porn" for only $5 a minute, or someone trying to interest you in purchasing stuffs like Viagra. Those are some of the bad stuffs, but you’ve got to admit that some of the stuffs you get are very good stuffs – a training video, online education, marketing strategies, list building, social media training webinars, newsletter subscriptions in your target area, etc. Now, when many of us get these spam e-mails, we try one of three things:
  1. Ignore it and delete the message.
  2. Show your interest in the product or service by e-mailing for more information, or by visiting a Web site that it advertises.
  3. Fight back, by which I mean contacting the sender or someone involved in the junk e-mail and issuing a complaint.
Whatever you do, it’s up to you! My spam e-mails are important to me. In this new age of the Internet, as entrepreneur you we need the information and opportunities that e-mail marketing provides. The Internet is a new marketing channel, an information research assistant, and most importantly, an idea stimulator for us entrepreneurs… well, at least it is for me. The first I place go when I logged into my e-mail is the junk box, where I diligently go through each mail, save what interests me and delete what doesn't. As entrepreneurs, we have got constantly looking for new ideas to use in our business, and so, our thinking has to be unconventional; and as such, we look in unconventional places. Many see spam e-mail as garbage; however, I suggest we entrepreneurs start seeing them as our idea treasure chest. Now if you think about it, most of the junk e-mails you get come from other entrepreneurs who are using unconventional or guerilla means to attract attention to their business and to sell their products and services. I don’t know about you, but I look forward to my spam e-mails everyday! If spam comes that I have no interest in.  You don’t have to guess what I do. I JUST HIT THE DELETE button. What can you learn? You will need to be clear about what it is that you need to learn before you embark on your junk e-mail quest. Here are some suggestions.
  • Systems and methods.
  • Problems that you might come up against and how others found a way through.
  • Marketing ideas.
  • Typical mistakes to avoid.
  • Suppliers of services you need to make your business a success.
Why is spam e-mail mining important? Why reinvent the wheel? If what you want to do is being done successfully somewhere, then it can save you enormous amounts of time, energy and resources if you can find out where and learn from the person who did it. It can take a long time to work it out for yourself. There is so much information available and so many ideas that you can benefit from that you don’t need to feel alone with the thoughts in your own head and a blank piece of paper. Your challenge Be careful to select and save the right junk e-mail sources to cull ideas from. Some people may put you off with too much stuff you have no use for or have an interest in. You need to be selective about what you take on board and what you DELETE.