Marketing Success Secrets for Entrepreneurs!

Most of us entrepreneurs enter the arena of self-employment from many directions. Some willingly do so, while others were forced in to it. Strange enough, many of us didn’t even have the benefit of anyone telling us what the true entrepreneurial success secrets are and how imperative our success in our new venture would be. So, what are these entrepreneurial success secrets? (Adopted from Network Marketing Success Secrets). First, you’ve to believe in what you’re doing. You must have no doubt about your business being your vehicle to live your dreams. Your being must be vibrating with the knowing that your business is your way to financial freedom. This confidence will resonate and people will know it from miles away. They’ll get the impression of where you’re going and they’ll want purchase your product or service. You must also grow your experiential beliefs. Join those networking groups and associations that relate directly to your line of business. Always be present, and be in touch with other like-minded professionals and learn from the challenges they’ve overcome to find success in your industry. This will get you real focused and give you the drive you need to win in business. Next, you want to make sure you’re associating with other successful small business owners. Take the time to look for leaders. Stay conversation with those who are upbeat and have the vision of being successful. This’ll also allow you to keep the vision of success in the forefront of your mind. And also ask others who it is they respect. The more you look, the more you’ll find them. And just by watching what they do, you’ll become more like them. Not only must you know your business is going to work, but you must always ask the right questions to find that answer. The question that should always be on your mind is: ‘What can I do to make my business work?’  You’ll be surprised how quickly the answers will come. Know that your business may not just take off like a rocket ship, and sometimes it can take a little time to get it going.  Just keep moving forward, attend relevant training workshops and seminars, purchase books and videos/DVDs on business related subjects and begin to implement what you’ve learned. Its okay if it takes a little longer; just be willing to stay the course, never quit. Sometimes you’ll find that even the best of the best in your particular industry had a tough time getting things going, but have eventually have found success. Remember why you’re doing this. Whatever it might be, focused on that.  Know, besides the money, why you’re you in business.  This’ll give you an unstoppable mindset and keep you moving forward. Never give up! Have the opinion that failure is not an option. You must have a knowing of your success. Make sure you stay teachable and always be willing to grow. You must continue to step out of your comfort zone and begin to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And next, this is the biggest place where most of us fail. Learn the phone skills by calling your prospects.  If you’ve any fear about this, just be done with it. This is by far the one skill that’ll make you or break you in business. Remember, people are in business for other people. No matter what industry you’re in, always consider it to be a people business, and know that you must be comfortable talking to them. As your business expands, you’ll not only be looking for the best people to recruit, but you must constantly look for those people who want to purchase whatever you are offering. Some people will say that you need time to find your prince or princess. It’s the same way in business.  You may need to go through many prospects that are just not right for your business, especially if you’re in a service business, but stay at it. There’re many prospects out there that are ready to patronize your business. Find a place to get inexpensive leads and get on the phone or via social media. Be light about it. Put a smile on your face.  There’re many scripts you can use. Just pick up the phone and start dialing. Don’t worry about your results. Just talk to people and see if they’re interested or qualified. Always approach a prospect with the idea that you’re an expert in his or her field. My approach on the phone to a man I have never met would be: “My name is Delroy Whyte-Hall, and I am with Whyte-Hall Communications. I didn’t call today to discuss your communications needs, but called to ask for an opportunity to meet with you sometime next week to share an idea with you that has been of help to other doctors (pharmacists, executive coaches,  car dealers, wedding consultants, lawyers, auto shop, hotels, etc.) here in Jamaica. Would next Tuesday at two o’clock be convenient, or would three be better?” When I tell him that I’ like to share an idea that has been of help to other people in his occupational group, it accomplishes two things. First, it implies that I’m a specialist in matters concerning his group. Second, he’s going to feel like an oddball if he’s not willing to discuss ideas which apply to his occupation. Well, right off the bat it sets me up as an expert. Immediately, I’m a specialist in his own particular vocation, and it seems that, for some reason or another, everyone thinks that his or her problems are different from other people’s, and that’s exactly what I capitlise on, and you’ll too. You also want to find many ways of generating leads.  Use both online and offline methods. Learn from people who are already doing this and follow them or join them. When you’ve more prospects to talk to it really takes the pressure off you, and as you continue doing it you’ll get really good at what you do. And lastly, be a person of action and keep growing into your new challenges.  Be sure to apply these business success secrets. Whether you’ve yet to find success in your chosen field, it’s like life: you must keep moving forward, be patient, be persistent and know you’ll find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. ### Have you got a business success secret you’d like to share with us? We look forward to you sharing them with us!