How Small Business Will Use Social Media in the Future

How Small Businesses Will Use Social Media in the Future


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growth imageShort of saying we’ll all be doing business from Foursquare-fueled hover cars, the future of social media and small business is very much an unknown. While most social media-savvy businesses undoubtedly have an online presence, the ability to then monetize online efforts is still in its infancy.

The usual suspects — Facebook (), Twitter (), Foursquare () — have already proven to be great ways to engage with an audience and promote a brand, but what are the next steps in using these social networks to earn real money for your small business?

This is an interesting perspective of the future, but as things are right now, not many small businesses are into social media. I hope that good sense will prevail, and they’ll see the inherent and obvious benefits and advantages to get in while things are at ground level.

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