Communicating to the Public and Employees in the age of Social Media!

Social media has revolutionized public and employee communications. Social media drives the crucial conversation with huge online audiences. Social media connects global companies and government agencies with distant employees, customers and citizens.

See how the best do it! Discover how top communicators exploit social media. Case studies will send you home with valuable tips and strategies.

You'll learn how to:

  • Find a wildly popular voice for your government agency intranet
  • Change the culture of your organization with social media
  • Take complaints offline almost before they happen
  • Expand storytelling opportunities through the power of video
  • Create "brandividuals" to reach an online audience
  • Persuade an executive to blog to connect with the community
  • Reach online readers with breaking news on CNN's iReport
  • Post public notices, project updates and job openings on Twitter
  • Write a strategic plan to build value with social media
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and other social media tools—which tools you can't ignore and which aren't worth your time
  • Know when and how to pitch a story to online journalists
  • Stop depending on e-mail pitches and traditional press releases
  • Create an airtight business case for your social media plan
  • Define measurable objectives for social media
  • Build a collaborative organization through technology, trust and responsibility
  • Create virtual hallways to get global employees talking in real time
  • Immediately respond to key stakeholders via blogs and Twitter
  • Go online to lure businesses, persons and investment to your company or city
  • Execute a communications plan in a crisis and recover after the crisis is over
  • Engage employees with social media tools
  • And more!

You'll also see how:

  • McDonald's shares best practices with thousands of crew across North America
  • BC Public Service's @Work intranet found a wildly successful voice
  • General Motors relied on its blog to help it through its worst crisis ever
  • Vancouver Winter Olympics communications team managed a massive communications challenge by preparing and executing a multi-tier communications campaign on the national and world stage
  • And more!

Want to see how top communicators exploit social media for the their benefit? If so, you need to be a part of this workshop.