Whyte-Hall urges entrepreneurs to help our youths move effortless into the adulthood!

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As entrepreneurs, we are duty-bound to mentor our youth by passing on our knowledge and experience… most importantly, to help them move effortless into the adulthood.

As the unsung heroes of our nation, I believe we need to step up to the plate and make our presence be felt. Yesterday we (Jamaicans) celebrated Emancipation from both mental and physical slavery. Now is the time for us to start liberating our youth from the physical and mental slavery they have now found themselves through “dirty music” and uncaring entertainers.

The Youths - Our Future!

As an entrepreneur, this period of emancipation means a lot to me. So far, I have used this period to ordered my priority and de-clutter myself of all negative influences and associations. Importantly, I used the time to prepare myself for today’s presentation I’ll be delivering to a couple of summer school kids. You see, for many years, our youths have lack guidance, mentoring, and role models who can lead them in the right direction. Therefore, I see no better persons to do this than us entrepreneurs – who have loads of wisdom and experiences to pass on to them.

The entertainers – especially those with their dirty music have too long have taken over, and in so doing, have robbed our children of their childhood. They have robbed them of their innocence, their emotional health, and their physical health, and of how to develop healthy relationships. Now it is up to us, entrepreneurs and small business owners, to take back everything that they have stolen from our kids.

And so, today, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with these kids with the hope of planting positive seeds that would in the future germinate and bear good fruits.

Therefore, I’d like to use this opportunity to challenge all small business owners and entrepreneurs to take the mentoring of your youth seriously. If you have knowledge and skills you believe would be useful to youth, I urge you consider becoming a part-time mentor to our youths and pass on your skills and knowledge to them.

Mentoring can be undertaken and carried out remotely via email, Skype, instant messaging programmes and the phone. Your commitment can be as little as one hour per week or month.

So, if you are an established professional with specific expertise in various business areas such as management, business, marketing, microfinance, non-profit, plumbing, IT or entrepreneurship, I urge you to get out and start mentoring our youths.

The aim is to help the youths reach their goals on-time and on-track.

Your commitment: Schedule a minimum of one hour per day or week to mentor a child.