Hey… I saw you in the newspaper yesterday!

That’s what everyone will be saying to you when you carry out a public relations programme that’s designed to spread the news and tell a special story about you and your business. Did you ever wonder how the salon down the street gets to do the hair for the fashion layouts in the local newspaper? Or why its hairdressers are continuously quoted in the local beauty pages of magazines? Or why that salon owner appears on makeover segments on your local television stations morning show several times a year? Are you just a bit curious about why one of the local radio stations did a remote broadcast from that salon as part of the business’ 10-year anniversary? That’s successful PR at work! That salon’s work might not be any better than yours. It might not even be as a good. The difference is that your competitor has an effective PR programme in gear to keep the editors, writers, and segment producers informed about every important move the salon makes. Large organisations spend millions to product effective public relations programmes; and most PR firms assume you have those kinds of dollars and resources. Whyte-Hall Communications is different. We are geared to the small business or organisation with a limited promotional budget. Need help to boost sales, build credibility, and create a powerful presence using low-cost, high impact PR and Social Media methods? Put Whyte-Hall Communications in your corner! Right now, you can have your business, company, restaurant, beauty salon, floral shop, professional practice, or community service organisation up and running with a full-fledged PR campaign that will make as much money for you… and best of all we save you from braking the bank on paid advertising.