Free Report for Self-Employed and Small Business Owners Presents 100+ Quick Inspirations PR Ideas!

Spanish Town, Jamaica, June – A new special report, published by Whyte-Hall Communications, a virtual-based Jamaican public relations and social media marketing consultancy, reveals 100+ key ideas self-employed persons can use to boost sales, build credibility, and create a powerful presence using low-cost, high-impact publicity and social media methods. The 24-page report, 100+ PR Ideas: Quick Inspiration for Small Businesses, is available free of charge to self-employed persons, entrepreneurs, small business owners, professionals, and consultants. The cost to the public is $15 (USD). Although the report originally was originally written to give you an instant dose of inspiration, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, president of Whyte-Hall Communications, says the information is applicable to all business persons – no matter your business, practice, or organisation. Why should self-employed individuals, who don’t necessarily have the big-buck budgets, be interested in conducting public relations campaigns for their businesses? “The fact that you are reading this special report, it tells me you’re probably already interested in public relations,” notes Whyte-Hall. “What you’re looking for is some practical, down-to-earth tips and ideas on how to make it happen.” Here are some of Whyte-Hall Communications’ quick inspiration PR ideas to kick-start your promotional campaign: Accountant: Offer your services at an odd time. Beginning at Thanksgiving offer stress-free tax preparation during evenings and Saturdays. Beauty Salon: Hold a cut-a-thon. Chiropractor: Create and introduce your “Community Health Network” to local shops, corporations, and unions… teachers, police, electrical, postal, etc. Once they understand the concept, you’ll have a wealth of patients. This Community Health Network is an agreement between you and your community. Dry Cleaners: Do you have a pizza parlour or a fitness club close by? All you need to do is join forces. Example: You give the pizza shop owner, Mike, a bunch of pads of post-it notes with your dry cleaning offer on it. He’s going to stick them to all the boxes of pizza that go out every day. You are going to write about him in your newsletter and email your customers about him once a month.  You’re thinking, an email dedicated to this pizza joint…I don’t think so. Not the whole email, just a mention of the pizza place during one of your emails–something like this: “Mike’s has such great pizza, you should try them out. And Mike is such a nice guy and a great pizza maker.”  The gym can include your offer in their “New Member Kit”. Think outside of the pizza box with these dry cleaning ideas and get some route customers. Florist: Donate your services in flower arranging for the mayor’s swearing-in, significant weddings, and community events that cater to your kinds of clients – like the installation of the new Chamber of Commerce president. Grocer/Supermarket: Create an old-fashion shopping day, offering 10 items all the same price your grandmother paid. Lingerie Store: Provide lingerie fashion shows targetting different groups; sexy lingerie for seniors, for larger women, or for the housewife over 50 who wants to keep “him” interested. Ask a psychologist to join you for a seminar on: “Sex and the Older Woman,” or whatever topic you feel will titillate your clients. Pharmacy: Organise a “brown bag” medicine review program in your community. Invite patients to bring all their medicines in a bag and discuss them with their pharmacist. Restaurant: Have unserved food left after 10 p.m. delivered to the homeless (senior citizens, children’s home). Yoga Instructor: Offer yoga to the physically challenged, senior citizens, or other unique segment of the population. To receive a free copy of 100+ PR Ideas: Quick Inspiration for Small Businesses, you have to choices:
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