How to make PR work for your family-run business!

The Private Sector of Jamaica (PSOJ), under the enterprising leadership of Sandra Sandra Glasgow, is currently hosting s series of seminars and workshops across the island highlighting the development of family-operated businesses in Jamaica. The Project's main objective is to contribute to increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of family-controlled micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) of Jamaica. The specific objective is to incorporate corporate governance and other sound managerial practices in selected MSMEs in Jamaica. While the PSOJ team travels to different location across the island with the presentations, public relations is going to play an effective tool for promoting and marketing your these family-run business. Why? It will help these family run businesses build their customer base by making people aware of what's happening at their business, and by making themselves and their family business noteworthy in a positive way. Marketing your family business successfully involves finding ways to connect your customers with your work. Public relations and marketing are important areas for you to concentrate some of your creative energy - and you can have a good time developing this aspect of your family business! My advice to these family business operators is that you carefully consider your market and your customers, and brainstorm ways to get their attention, and try different things and keep track of what happens. Following are five ideas that will help you get the exposure you deserve, and eventually build brand awareness for your family run business.
  1. Giveaways: It’s a good idea to spend some time with the family and brainstorm ideas for a contest. For example, if you settled on an eMail campaign, you can sent out an eMail blast to all your current customers to forward this eMail to all of their family and friends, and the person who sent it to the most people received a some sort of incentive – monetarily or an item from your business. This kind of stuff builds excitement and increased hits on business your website as well.
  2. Co-Sponsored Events: Team up with another family run business or organization and plan an event together. For example, you could jointly host a cultural event and you could sponsor giveaways for the event. You’ll also be listed as a sponsor on the programme and email blast.
  1. Online Socializing: Warning: This can get a little out of hand and crazy, especially since social networking sites are popping up every day. My professional advice is that you join the top 3 that come close to your target audience. For instance, if you want to target client prospects in the 45-54 age range, then Facebook might work for you. If you want to target teens then MySpace might be a better option. If you are into the fashion accessories business, then a great site to investigate is
  2. Create a Video: Everyone knows that a video helps to give more visuals about your any business. It’s takes on even greater significance with it tell your business story when taken from your family’s point of view. If you have a PC, Windows Movie Maker will work fine for creating your own marketing videos for your family operated business. Or if you have a Mac computer, iMovie PC, Windows Movie Maker will do.
  1. Monthly eLetters: This is a great way to keep everyone – customers and family – in the circle of influence on what's going on with your business. Simply, all you have got say is: "Hi, I'm/we’re still here and this is what I’ve/we've been up to." Do this once a month at the beginning of the month.
Cheers to all family run businesses out there, and I hope the above tips for your business are helpful, and I’ll also be grateful if you to share your comments. What do you think? Please share your comments. ~~~ If you need help with your public relations needs, please click here to visit our website for further information.