Congratulations Jamaica – you are now under the control of “incompetent” leadership!

As a mid-level employee, you’ve been working for the XYZ Company, a manufacturing firm, for the past 18 years. Your job performance has been solid, and on occasion, even praiseworthy. However due to the current economic conditions – poor profit earnings, massive layoffs and company restructuring, you now find yourself working for a new boss. Ordinarily reporting to a new leader would not pose a real problem but this time it feels different – political management practices have changed. The changing of the political guard in Jamaica reflects the following:
  1. The XYZ Company represents the island Jamaica as a corporate body..
  2. The changing of the leadership represents the Jamaica Labour Party functionaries wresting power from the People’s National Party, which incidentally had an uninterrupted 18-year stretch at the helm.
  3. The “mid-level employee” represents the people of the island.
  4. The “current economic conditions” represents the current situation surrounding the political bungling of the extradition situation of Tivoli Garden’s strongman, Christopher “Dudos” Coke.
  5. The “team environment” has been transformed from its previous state of peace and tranquility, to one where fear, uncertainty, economic destabilization, and international isolation threatening to become the norms.
Congratulations – you are now under the control of an “incompetent” leader! An “incompetent” leader by definition is someone whose action destroys camaraderie, instill gossip, encourage dishonesty, and prevent people from speaking freely. “Incompetent” leaders tend to use their own weapons to get noticed and promoted. They usually lack vision, interpersonal communication skills and confidence to resolve conflict. You might think the term “incompetent” leaders should only be reserved for those in the company’s upper echelon such as the Chief Executive Officer of Chief Financial Offer. Not at all! Just take a look of the current political leadership in Jamaica, and the precarious situation its has plunged the entire country, so much so, that several first world countries have issued travel advisories advising their citizens on the risk their lives and well-being travelling to the island could cause. That is incompetent leadership exemplified to the highest degree. Besides the international travel advisories, several small business owners livelihood have been put on hold as they watch and pray good sense will prevail and the political leadership will somehow resolve the situation peacefully. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, what does this means for you? Just this week I got an eMail from a prospective client worried to death. “I am in a quandary,” writes the client, who has already spent thousands of dollars organising and promoting a workshop scheduled for in June. “How do you market an international event in this climate?” she asked. “Quite a few things have happened since my last email. More work has been done. Flyers have been created giving details of the event… (and the presenter is all set to travel to Jamaican for the event),” she continues. What do you tell this client? To sleep on it! Well, that’s exactly what she has resolved to do. “I will have to sleep on this! “The travel advisory for Jamaica is valid until, June 21; and the workshop is the following week. These are trying times. If you were this client, what would you do?” she fears. What would you do?