“Monkey see, monkey do” … propelling your business using social media marketing methods!

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Among the celebrities and famous people using social media networks, like Twitter, to advance their career include Britney Spears, Erykah Badu, MC Hammer, Shaquille O’Neal, and Snoop Dogg. This is just a representative sample, but the list goes on forever.

As small business owners, have you stopped to think what these people have over you? Certainly, they have talent, so do you. Aren’t you heading your enterprise? They have money and large fan bases… you don’t, but what’s preventing you?

In today’s world, the playing field is very, very level… even more so, since the advent of social media, which some of you consider a fad? It isn’t, and even it is, you should be capitalising on it rather than resisting it. If celebrities, famous people, and large corporations are capitalising on it, so should you.

Large companies that came readily to mind that are capitalising on this social media craze are Canada Gas and the Jamaica-based National Commercial Bank. According to Q4 Blog, Canada Gas uses Twitterfacebooklinkedin and encourages forum participation.

Just this week, I got a Facebook notification from the National Commercial Bank Limited (NCB) with the following Facebook promotion:

Step1: Ensure that you are a friend of facebook.com/eyecandyja.
Step 2: Answer the following questions: WHERE WAS THE 1990 FIFA WORLD CUP HELD? AND WHO WON?
You must answer both parts correctly.
Step 3: Visit NCB’s page to see if you are a winner.
Prize: Five Fans will receive J$2500 each.

There is no magic into what these large companies are doing. The old maxim “Monkey see, monkey do” is as true ever. My advice to you is that if you want to be like the rich and famous, and the big companies, start to act and follow their promotion strategies.

As small business owners, your ultimate aim is to become large establishments, and becoming creator of jobs, instead of seekers of jobs

So, if you want to become big businesses, then start emulating the social media marketing strategies of celebrities and famous people, and big businesses.

Britney Spears and Shaquille O’Neal are billionaires… but who doesn’t really need any more exposure. These celebrities suffer all from serious cases of “over exposure”.  But that doesn’t stop them from tapping into the popular social media networks to support the “brands”

Now is not the time to be shying away from using social media to propel your business. Your business is bigger than your neighbourhood or your present geographic location. The world is your market.

So, what’s your next move?

Start doing some research on the topic – Social Media and how they can be used to boost your sales, build your credibility, and give you a low-cost, high-impact presence in the market place.

Better yet, if you want to speed up things up, with you actually going through learning curve, you can outsource your social media activities. This will propel you ahead of the game, and most importantly, you’ll have more time to concentrate on what you do best, and that is to run your business.


I’d love to hear you comments whether you think small business should or shouldn’t be embracing social media marketing.

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